Finally we see the Idaho Falls zoo!

 Since we have gone to the zoo so much this year, Collin keeps asking me why we never go to the zoo in Idaho Falls. My mom has always told me it doesn't compare to Hogle Zoo, but I knew my kids would still love it so finally we got to go when we were up there in August.
 Is not Sadee the most styling zoo visitor ever?
 They have a petting zoo at this zoo, which was a HUGE hit. Collin didn't want to go inside, but Liam loved it.

 Pictures in the little playground. This is fun because we don't have one at ours, it's under construction. We also LOVED that they had lions (hello Liam the lion lover), penguins, and there were a few other super cool things that our zoo doesn't have.

 Liam loved feeding this lion statue "bark". "I feed this lion mommy". I think he would have stayed there all day had I let him. The lion was very hungry.
 Oh O'Berry boys and pictures....

 Collin had had it with these pictures by now.

 These girls on the other hand, always are great posers.

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