Free Discovery Museum day

Back last month, Discovery Museum at Gateway had a free day, so we took advantage of it. We have been once before, but Liam wasn't even really mobile, so he had a HEY DAY this time.
This car was a huge hit for Liam. Of course, it was bigger than him.
But it was so fun!
Trying to get both boys to look at the camera I have decided is impossible....
Collin liked playing on the farm.
And of course using some machine to move the food was a big hit.
This water thing seemed to be new to me, or at least the boys wanted to spend MUCH more time there this time.
I really think it's amazing how simple things can be to get kids attention. My kids and water. They are sold.
Collin LOVED the construction site thing last time, and still loved it this time.
Liam loved playing in this little ball thing at the front. He didn't really care about the balls but loved playing and crawling in this little cubby section.
Going outside to the helicopter was awesome, until they made an announcement that was too loud for Collin. Mom! I'm out of here!
It was SO fun!

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