Free zoo day

This year we only made it to one of the free zoo days. But it was SO much fun! It was Liam's first time to the zoo if I remember right, and since Collin isn't taking naps as much these days, we stayed there over two hours!
It was a bit chilly, but we just bundled up. The animals were out and about and for about the first hour (we got there right when it opened at 9) we were practically the only ones there.
We got to be up close and personal to so many of the animals. The tigers were especially close and very menacing.
I know....horrible picture, but the tiger had literally just walked by the glass.
Collin and Liam both love animals so it was so fun to go.
The giraffes were a huge hit. They were inside this time, but we got to see the blue tongues, as well as get very close to their heads.
Liam in his cute little monster hat. LOVE this hat.
We got to go and see many of the animals a second time and it warmed up a bit once we got there.
Yea for free zoo days!

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