Deals for the week of May 3

So.... here are my deals for the current week. I don't go to Winco very often, except when they send the coupons in the mail. Collin and I made a trek over this week and got all of the above for 28.00! WAHOO! I grew up in Idaho, and for awhile my parents lived literally down the street from a Winco. They have this AMAZING grainy bread (purple packaging) for only 98 cents. Yes, 98 cents. I bought three of them and now they are all in my freezer. YUM!
So, Walgreens I stopped by this week as well. I got all of the above for 53 cents, plus I still have a 2 RR to use...granted, I did use a 3.00 reward up, but still!
Rite Aid trip this week. LOVE Rite Aid. I just recently discovered my new wellness card basically takes 20 percent off everything you buy. I thought it was just Rite Aid brand stuff, but no, everything. The exciting thing is that the posterboard (which I needed to buy anyways for Primary) was on clearance for 24 cents and the seeds....were 50 percent off, plus my 20 percent off, so I got those for wicked cheap. I got all of the above and with the rebates, will be making 1.50!
Again, Rite Aid.... this one I basically got some stuff for my mom and it ended up being basically free after the mail in rebates.
This is a new dish I made off of UtahDealDiva blog. It looks somewhat weird, but it was YUMMY! And it had lots of veggies like fresh spinach, broccoli, broccoli, carrots, but YUM!
I went to Smiths and stocked up on yet more cereal for our family. 15 boxes of cereal for 13.60, less than 1.00 a box....and they have good deals on cereal (different kinds) again this week. I may have to go back...
And last of all, this week's co-op venture. It was FREEZING outside for the pickup, but yummy foods. Here is all I got for 15.00
9 bananas
7 kiwi
1 canteloupe
1 honeydew, I think
3 packs of blackberries
9 apples
1 romaine lettuce head
1 bunch of spinach YEAH!
2 artichokes
2 cucumbers
1 pack of radishes

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