Time in Idaho

Last week, Collin and I went up with my brother and sister-in-law to spend some time with Sadee and Ava. One morning, I went and ate school lunch with Sadee. How times have NOT changed with elementary school.... so and so and to sit by so and so..... everyone compared lunches, Sadee was showing off to everyone.... I forgot to take a picture of Sadee and I, but I got one of her and her "bestest bestest friend" Jasmine. We also got to go swimming at the Collette's again. They had these little car floaties. Collin LOVED it. He LOVES the pool, loves loves LOVES it. He goes and gets his swimming suit and will not stop saying Pool until we go.
We also got to play in the hot tub. Collin wanted to walk around the edge. He actually wanted to just walk off into the deep end... he is a tricky one...
This place really is awesome. They are such a nice family to let us come and hang out.
Jeff with Sadee and Ava in the hot tub.
Ava trying to get brave to go down the slide.
This was one afternoon when Collin was laughing HILARIOUSLY at something the girls were doing. I wish I had recorded it....
Just hanging out.
I LOVE these windows that look out on the waterfall mom. Seriously, Collin LOVED to have these open so he could see the "water".
Sadee and Collin
Finally, Grandpa took Collin out to play in the dirt, sticks, waterfall....what more could a boy ask for?
Thanks for letting us come and play!
Maybe next time we won't have to wear jackets :)


Jenny said...

Fun pictures. I love it when Colling laughs his head off! :)

jeffandbrianne said...

Thanks for giving me a shout out in the blog and the picture. It was a great weekend of fun "TRUCKS" and "WATER".

Krista said...

Kambria loves to swim too. Before she could walk she would always crawl straight to the deep end. It was kinda scary taking her swimming.