Good deals and Colln's corn picture

Over the last week, here are the good deals I have gotten. Rite Aid last week, I got all of this for 3.69, but only paid 2.69 since I had a 1.00 rebate check!
Collin POUNDING the corn on the cob from the co-op. Seriously, I ended up giving him my piece. Now I'm REALLY hoping our garden corn on the cob works out.
Food from the co-op for May 15
Okay, so I lost my sheet of paper where I wrote everything down, but let's just say the highlight was corn on the cob and peaches. WAHOO!
Walgreens this morning, I basically made 6.10 to get all of this. I paid OOP 2.49 but also rolled 9 dollars in rewards, and now have 9 more dollars to spend. And my husband will smell "manly" with his jello.
Smiths coupon event. I paid 37.00 for all of this, but realized after I got home the Dawn rang up at 2.99 not 1.49, so I'm going to take those back and get my 10.00 back, so really only 27.00.... WAHOO! I was able to stock up on some pantry items and I also got some 99 cent ice cream. Gotta love ice cream!


jeffandbrianne said...

As I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to keep a 17-year old growing diabetic boy from starving, I really, REALLY wish I knew how to shop like you, hahaha. But no really, yikes!!!

Jenny said...

I love the corn on the cob pic, and the manly jello comment. :)

O'Berrys said...

I hope your corn grows too for Collin's sake! LOVE that he eats it right off the cob!

Kristalyn said...

COrn on the cobs is an absolute favorite of my boys. :) I went to Walgreens on Monday morning and all the good things were gone and there is a sign saying that you can only get one thing of certain items (the really good ones) any ways...it makes me discouraged, but I guess I should just concentrate on Smiths and Target. I've had success at RIte Aid too. :0