Utah Museum of Natural History

Last night for family night, we went to the Utah Museum of Natural History. I just found out the first Monday of each night is free and they are open until 8pm...so I figured, even if we only made it 20 minutes, it's free. It is a very old museum and not very big. This was a little teepee in the anthropology unit.
In the fossil section. By the way, this is how Collin smiles when you tell him smile, squinty eyes and everything. He liked the fossils.
But, you should have seen the number of WHOAS we heard from Collin when we saw this big guy. Collin REALLY liked all the dinosaur things...but I figured he would. He's a boy.
We also tried out this little cabin. Collin of course didn't want to stay in it when I wanted a picture.
I would have to say though, Collin's favorite section was the "bugs alive" section, or something like that. All these stuffed animals from the wild....and anything and everything that looked like a kitty (fox, badger, coyote, mountain lion), it was too funny. Kitty was EVERYWHERE.
Overall we had a great time, and lasted almost an hour.... I'm not sure in my opinion, at least for someone Collin's age, it's worth the price of admission but in 2010, every first Monday of the month is free, and it was a very fun family outing.


Shelley said...

Collin looks so much older! Thanks for the tip on the free admission nights!

Jenny said...

I'm glad for the tip on free admission night too! I may take the crew. Collin's kitty skills make me smile. :)

Crazy Uncle Ryan said...

That was a fun little trip.

Jeffrey said...

My favorite thing is the WHOOOOO? Great stuff

Kristalyn said...

What a fun FHE! Was it really crowded because it was free? We really need to get together soon! I can't believe how big COllin is now!