Collin's slide

Recently, Collin got to go to "Collin's slide"--thus named by Sadee and Ava. It's a slide at this elementary school, that despite being "pink" (a GIRL color) Sadee and Ava have been saying it's Collin's slide for so long now....finally we got to go. Collin liked going down the slide...
But he liked the bark at the end of the slide even more. Boys will be boys I guess.
Sadee and Ava SURE LOVE Collin, especially Sadee. You can tell he worships her :)
Mom, when can we go and see Sadee and Ava?
Sadee showed us how she can totally do the monkey bars. I told her I used to do those too, back when I was six.
Sadee loved the BIG slide... I even went down it a couple of times.
Ava also went down the slide, but liked swinging better.
Thanks Sadee and Ava for always being fun to be around. Collin and I LOVE YOU!


'T' said...

he is SOOOO very adorable.

Jenny said...

You'll have to let us know where Collin's slide is. We will want to go, I am sure. :)

emily said...

Alisa! He is just the cutest ever! Those blue eyes...ahhh I want to come see him soon. He is just a sweetie!

The Robinsons said...

Hey Alisa - thanks for your comment on my blog. I too haven't checked up on anyones blogs lately, but I do so enjoy seeing your boys bright eyes in your blog. He is a cutie!