Thomas Nelson Review-Fearless

I have read several of Max Lucado’s books, mostly children’s, but I enjoyed this book. Today especially I needed to review how to be “Fearless” in my life. Lucado talks about so many fears we can have in our every day lives, fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of death, fear of disappointing people and not mattering. I highlighted several quotes of his throughout the book, but some of my favorites were the following:
Getting on board with Christ can mean getting soaked with Christ. Storms prompt us to take unprecedented journeys. Give the storm waters more attention than the Storm Walker and you will sink like a brick in the pond.
I also especially liked in his chapter of Woe be Gone, the 8 things we can do to stop worrying: Pray first, easy now, act on it, compile a worry list, evaluate your worry categories, focus on today, unleash a worry army, and let God be enough. Today especially my thoughts are returning to these topics about situations that I fear but have no control over.
Lucado has a way with words in explaining the scripture stories of Jesus in a very practical, hear-and-now way for me. I very much enjoyed this book and will probably read it again.

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Linsi said...

Looks like a good book--I'll have to get a copy!