Watching BYU football

Like my parents, I love BYU football. I already went to one game this year, but I had the opportunity to stay up past my bedtime, and go to a night game. I was in such good spirits the whole ride down (which took 2 hours instead of 30 minutes due to traffic) and mommy and grandma had to go and buy me a warm hat, but I LOVED it. It didn't start until 7pm, but I made it through almost the whole game before I had to go....I stayed at the game until 930! YEAH! This was mommy and daddy and me at the night BYU game. I definitely was the warmest :)
This is my staring down the enemy.
Sometimes, I just watch football on TV, but only at Uncle Jeff's, since we don't get the games at my house.
I ESPECIALLY like grandpa explaining all the rules to me. I love him!
Watching the cougars win with grandpa. Thanks grandpa for always teaching me the game!

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