Idaho state fair

While up in Idaho, my parents were nice enough to take Collin to the Idaho State Fair. We knew Collin would like the animals, but it was fun. These animals are kind of fun. A sheep even truly "ba-ad" at Collin. He giggled.
The littler animals weren't quite as interesting.
Ahh..the horsies! Collin LOVED the horsies. Really, he had no fear to just put his hands out. It was so cute.
And since we had gone to Gardner Village and petted the goats, this time he must have gotten over the "different feeling" of fur. He LOVED petting the horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, you name it.
Thanks for the fun time at the fair!

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An Ordinary Mom said...

So fun! I can't believe how quickly our babies are growing up :) ?!?