Sadee and Ava updates

Over Labor Day, we went up to Idaho to watch the Cougars CRUSH Oklahoma, but also so Collin could play with his cousins Sadee and Ava. They sure LOVE him. Here are some fun pictures of the get together.
Collin was introduced to the massive candy land board, he liked the people better.
Collin playing wiht Auntie Kari...they so have the same smile.
Ava posing with her straight hair after the dance party.
Sadee still trying to dance while posing.
Intense game of candy land trying to start.
Collin only managed to destroy a few of the cards.
Cheesy smile while getting ready for bed.
All dressed up.
It was so fun to go and visit. Collin LOVES all the attention he gets, and his mommy appreciates all the other people to watch him :)

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