Thomas Nelson Review-What's He Really Thinking

I have to admit, I chose to read this book simply for its title. I have not read any books by Paula Rinehart before. Overall, interesting book, but I was disappointed in some aspects. I did like how she put “categories” of men, (fighter, protector, adventurer, builder, nurturer, reflective, and scientist) and I found it interesting to ask my husband and try and figure out what he was. I also did like how she believes that men want to be the “man” in the relationship and how certain aspects of their personalities women can help accent. I also liked how she showed intimacy can be as simple as a good conversation and small things with the men in your life to show them you care.
However, those things being said, I was a bit disappointed in that I came away from the book not really learning anything “new”, which I guess I was expecting to. I am not sure I would consult the book again, although I do thing the questionnaire guide at the back may be good to just review with my husband to see how he feels or probe questions.
I would rate this book overall 2 stars, okay, but definitely not great.

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