Collin's love affair

Yes, I bought a few of these and got them for free, so I thought one day last week I thought I would give them a whirl for Collin. I know, they aren't healthy, but I figure he needs some fat :)

Can we say instant love affair? Granted, it may be a one day thing, but Collin LOVED these noodles.
At least now we know Collin is a pasta junkie :)
Seriously, I could not put these on his tray fast enough. Plus, the whole time he was just laughing to himself like he had discovered something totally wonderful....unhealthy fast food.
He pounded that whole little cup, and 200 calories later with who knows how much fat, his mom was rejoicing!
Thanks, mom!
Let me know when we can have some more, K?


Krista said...

Kambria loves pasta too. Spaghetti has been one of her favorites for a while. I loved all these cute pictures of Collin. We need to come and visit you guys again. He's getting so big!

kari said...

so I think the 3rd picture down looks EXACTLY like jeff as a baby. Holy moly. EXACTLY. That is too cute. His smile warms my heart

kari said...

5th. It's the 5th, 4th one of Collin

Jenny said...

Miriam is my pasta junkie, but Leslie is the one who scarfs the Velveeta cups. :) Go Collin!

O'Berrys said...

Did you get those Velveeta cups at Wags? I used coupons on them too! Corin LOVES "noodles and cheese" as well. I figure its okay for him to have one cup (or bowl if I make the box) but then he has to eat healthier food to fill up on. I LOVE that he signs "more" I thought Corin sign language as well and sometimes he still does it. Collin is a cutie!!

jeffandbrianne said...

I would have to agree with Kari. The 5th and 4th one look like me. What a great blessing Collin received? That means he will marry a sexy nurse and become a PA. Way to go bud. Love the pics and thanks Alisa for deciding its okay for little (little Colling) to eat some blubber. Its how we grow just not always the way we want.