Collin's First Birthday--Idaho style

For Collin's first birthday, we wanted to celebrate it low key-with just family. Most of my family lives in Idaho, so that meant taking a couple of days off work in the middle of the week, and heading up to Idaho for the celebration. Part one of the celebration including riding his first horse, otherwise known as Grandpa.
He thought he was SO cool....
The poor horsey suffered some back pain, so thanks Grandpa for playing horsey!
Part 2 included his Baby Cougar (GO BYU!) cake. Now, granted, Collin had tried a little bit of cake, a little bit of whipped cream, and even ice cream before this, but this was his first all-encompassing "sugar" experience.
We had Sadee and Ava help us blow out his one candle. Look at the anticipation!
Never in all my days have I seen a one-year-old attack the cake with free abandon. I wish our camera video allowed us to post the video. It was hilarious.
Collin just kept getting the huge piece of cake and stuffing it in his face.
To see the look of utter joy and laughter on my son's face was truly a delight for me. Maybe we need to celebrate first birthdays more often?
Granted the piece of cake wasn't that huge, but Collin basically downed THE ENTIRE THING. He just kept eating, and going, and eating...
This is great fun mom!
I love squishing the frosting in my fingers!
Part 3 included opening some gifts. Sadee and Ava were GREAT help in this department.
He got some wooden blocks, and this stuffed Iguana, now I have nicknamed Igo. He LOVES this thing. He wrestles it to the ground. Either that or he is giving it loves.
Grandma Johnson gavef him these barnyard animals that make noise. ALSO loved by Collin.
Thanks so much Idaho gang for helping Collin celebrate his birthday---Idaho style.


John and Laura said...

happy birthday collin!

Krista said...

First bdays are so fun! He really did go to town on his cake. Way to go, Collin! You know what the good stuff is.