Collin's "oh!" face

This last week, we got Collin in his super cute outfit from his Auntie Kari (the shirt kind of drowns him but under the overalls it can deceitfully look fine) and tried to get him to do his infamous oh face. Sorry, mom, I just feel like smiling.
Oh there it is! Collin does this face a LOT to everyone. Ironically, I used to do the same face when I was little and my mom called it my oh! face. Like mother like son I guess.
Now, lest you think Collin is anorexic, he is not. Yes, he is small, and for some reason the angle of this picture below makes him look like he has bird legs, but they are getting a bit fatter, yes they are.
But, I absolutely LOVED his face in this so I had to include it. Love you Collin!


Lindsey said...

That picture is hilarious- it looks like you could snap one of his legs if you looked at it wrong! HAHA I have noticed your apricot tree because it hangs into my parent's yard and I think they have had a little less to scavange this year:)

Tysha said...

What a cute face that kiddo has!