Mad scientist

Let's say Collin has FINALLY turned a corner, for the most part, in eating real food. He loves bananas, his little puffs, avocado and stage two of prunes and apples and strawberry/apple/banana. We are still working on the vegetables. The other night, here is us at dinnertime.
It was too funny, because up until now, Collin hasn't really put his sticky fingers into his hair....until this night.
Can we just say mad scientist anyone? Seriously....these pictures DO NOT do his hair justice. It looked the craziest it has ever done, and of course, it's RED! Hello, why does the red always surprise me in my hair and Collin's hair in pictures. Of course I know we have red hair, but it always surprises me.
Good thing we headed straight to the bath. Don't you love the onesie that is huge on him? :)


Krista said...

That is funny that he likes avocado. Kambria has always loved olives, which I think is weird too. I'm glad he's eating better.
**Red hair rules!! :)

Jenny said...

I think it is great when they start eating lots of foods. They are so fun to watch.

O'Berrys said...

Love the food in the hair!! Corin sometimes still puts his messy hands in his hair!

jeffandbrianne said...

Love the pic of the mad scientist. So funny.

Tysha said...

Hooray, Colin! Half of the fun of eating is playing with the food! We are at the point now where we just put Sawyer in a diaper at dinner because everything else just gets way way too messy! Have you tried whole milk yogurt yet with Colin? I bet he'd love it! And it's fun to play with!