I haven't posted for awhile. Just a lack of time and priorities I guess.
Tonight I realized once again just how much I am grateful for my hubby.
#1. He always helps me give Collin a bath. It's just not the same when he isn't there to splash Collin. I can't do it quite the same and Collin notices.
#2. He knows all the words to Puff the Magic Dragon, sometimes the only thing that calms Collin down.
#3. I never take the garbage out. I actually had to ask my husband if it was a "recycle" week or not.
#4. Collin gets basically any bottle for the most part from his daddy and even though I supply the goods in the bottle, I'm not as good at getting it down the throat.
#5. Most of all, I know Collin misses him and so do I!

Love you sweetie!

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Jenny said...

Good husbands are such a wonderful part of life! I like your sweet tribute.