Family pictures

These are a bit late in posting, but that appears to be how I am in the blog world.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went to Idaho since for forever we have been wanting to get updated "family" pictures on my side of the family. Here are a few of our favorite results. Trying to capture Collin's little smile was challenging.
Trying to capture Ava in general to stay for the picture was more challenging.
Getting Sadee to hold Collin, no challenge :)
Collin with his daddy.
I love this picture, if only for the blueness of his eyes.
What is Collin studying so intently?
Gotta love that little tongue...
There's the tongue again! But we want to see those little toothers...
YEAH! Finally!


'T' said...

wow, that johnson family is lookin' great! please tell them all hi for me... what a great bunch. - tiniel

Krista said...

Cute pics! Love Collin's blue eyes.

Jenny said...

My favorite is the one with Collin on Ryan's shoulders. I also like your little family group. We need to take new pics so bad! The intent was to do it at the recent wedding, but Jake was sick. So put them off again. Dang.

Melissa said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Tysha said...

as one who photographs small, very quick-moving children, I can attest: it can be a challenge - but also oh-so-fun!

Nice pics! Collin is super cute ;)