Collin updates

Today is the day... we see Collin "real crawl" for the first time. Granted, I know some babies are walking at this point, but for the last couple of weeks he has really been scooting around and army crawling and so this was SO exciting! This week I'm sure he is really going to take off. YEAH COLLIN! Another thing fun to report is whenever Collin is upset, or tired or whatever, there is one picture we bring him to that brings a smile to his face.
Can you guess? It's an almost four-year-old picture.
Yes, it's off his parents on their wedding day. I don't blame him. We did look hot :)


Krista said...

Yay Collin! That is a fun milestone. To quote Jami when she found out Kambria was crawling, "Heaven help you and your posessions." She wasn't kidding! He is going to be on the go! Fun! And how cute that he loves your wedding picture. Adorable.

O'Berrys said...

YAY!! I'm glad he is crawling!! He was SO close when you guys were out here, trying to get that crumb on the floor! It is SO cute that he LOVES your wedding picture. Its because he knows that you will be together forever!!

Jenny said...

Good Job, Collin! Next thing you know, he'll be off to college!