Thomas Nelson review-The Noticer

I have never read any of Andy Andrews’ books before. I LOVED this book! I read quite a few books, but this book was simple and hit me right to the core.
Jones introduces himself saying he is a noticer. He says, “I notice things that people overlook. And you know, most of them are in plain sight.” He goes on throughout the whole book with words of wisdom to everyone he encounters.
Jones was someone I felt like could be my true friend. I loved how he just randomly showed up in a person’s life, but had been “watching people” for some time. I loved that no matter the stage in that person’s life, he helped them, not be “telling” them but “showing” them who he or she could be. I especially loved Jones’ theme about how sometimes in life all we need is perspective.
I also liked the chapter where Jones speaks to the married couple, in Chapter 2, about the dialects we can show to our spouses in marriage (or in any other relationship). I had read something similar in another book, but once again realized how important it is to communicate with people in the dialect that person speaks.
At the end of the book, I especially loved the “eulogy” that everyone in town gives to Jones. It appears he has touched so many lives just by something so simple. This book also made me realize just, once again, how big of an impact one person can have on a life. It made me want to become a noticer just like Jones. I appreciate so much the opportunity to read this book and this is a book I would rate 5 stars, and read over and over again. There aren’t too many books like that on my bookshelf!

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Jenny said...

Wow! Good to know, I'm going to add it to my list!