Gymboree music class

When Collin was born, my doctor gave him a free month's worth of a class at the local Gymboree. They have a TON of fun classes, and our free month was expiring soon so we signed up for the music class, since he seems to love music. I take an extra hour and 15 minutes and meet Ryan there and last week was our first class.
It is such a fun little place. The first thing they gave us was these little shakers. Of course, Collin only wanted to eat it. What else is new?
Every once in awhile Collin would take the little shaker out of his mouth to shake it, but usually he wanted to eat it.
There were three other little kids in the class, and Collin was the youngest. This little girl Collin loved to stare at....and so it begins.
Collin got to play his first bongo drum, shake his first maraccas and we learned about rhythm with these sticks.
This was my most favorite picture. He finally got excited about the rhythm for a little bit.
At the end of this class they blowed little bubbles around to music. We are looking forward to the next class!


Jenny said...

I love that you recognize the boy/girl beginning! :) Some of them just know.

kari said...

So fun. What a cool dr. I didn't know about this.

He looks like he might have his mom's music talents.

jeffandbrianne said...

That's a great idea for a kid. Love the pics and love your narratives