Swimming is hyrotherapy

When we were up in Idaho last weekend, I took Collin for his first swimming lesson :) Okay, does he NOT look like a handsome surfer man in his board short swim trunks? Okay, they come to his ankles but still :)
Before getting in the water, he was SO excited.... afterwards, well, you can see the above picture, it took a little while to like swimming.
Finally, 20 minutes later, we can almost get him to give a "staredown" at the camera, in the water. I only had to walk around with him singing "Follow the prophet" to let him know the pool was a safe place. We must work on swimming more. Grandpa Johnson keeps saying I need to "deshelter" him.
The gang. I do take comfort in remembering that Sadee (that's her in purple bug eyes) REFUSED to get in the pool (and even showers for awhile) when she was little and now she LOVES to jump in. Ava same way. In fact, I was the "cool" person they both wanted to show how they could jump in the water.
"Alisa, my bottom touched the bottom of the pool!" (Sadee)
"My whole head goes under the water Alisa" (Ava said this when I caught her before her whole head went under...oops, how was I to know?)
Bug eyes
More bug eyes. However, afterwards, Collin fell asleep on the drive home, and slept for over 2 hours. Everyone was nicknaming swimming "hydrotherapy". Thanks guys! Hope to swim with you soon!

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jeffandbrianne said...

Gotta love the bug eyes. I agree with Grandpa show this kid life. Open the shelter and let him fly. Great pics, which we could have been there.