Why we have parents

So, this weekend, my parents came down, mostly to help celebrate my brother's birthday, and also to see Collin. I truly have the greatest parents in the world. Not only did they do those two things, they also TOTALLY cleaned out our mood storage room (they even mopped the floor), rearranged a deep freezer so we can freeze more of my breast milk for Collin, my mom braved cleaning our bathrooms (including toilets which were FAR overdue for a cleaning), took us out to eat, made Sunday dinner, and basically just spoiled me. It was SO nice to have them visit.

Friday night at 945pm, my mom and dad and I made a quick trip so they could get in my "good deal" experience. I think they weren't expecting what it was quite like. Since Target was closing in 15 minutes, I ran around like a crazy lady finding all the things, my mom helped me find the coupons in my coupon stash (not an easy job), and my dad was just laughing. He was going to feel guilty for buying his bags of peanut m&ms, which he thought were going to be more than the things in my cart....and he was right!
Yes, I have never really grocery shopped at Target, but I got all of the above for less than $2.00, and my dad got his peanut m&m bags, that cost above $5.00. My dad actually joked that he may have to pay me to find good deals for him. That made me smile! My dad and mom seriously were in shock about what I paid for what I got...

Thanks so much for coming to visit us mom and dad. Collin and I miss you already!


jeffandbrianne said...

That is an amazing deal forsure. Fun weekend it was.

kari said...

I grabbed a similar deal this weekend! Thanks for the "heads up"! I love having a sister who can tell me where to find the deals!

Kristalyn said...

How in the world did you get all of that for under two dollars?? Your parents cleaning your freezer reminded me of the time when you spent a Sunday chipping a big iceberg from our refrigerator

A Frugal Friend said...

Great job....it's addicting isn't it?


An Ordinary Mom said...

You must share your shopping secrets!

And aren't parents so fun?

I hope your little one is starting to feel better. My little guy has already had a few colds, too.