Collin graduates to high chairs and more slobber

For Christmas, my parents gave Collin his first high chair. It's one that attaches to the chair, and Ryan set it up... he doesn't TOTALLY love hanging out in it, and so far, haven't gotten him to get any rice cereal in his body yet (I guess he is waiting for the 6 month mark!) but I still just loved this picture of him hanging out in it. My favorite part of the high chair is that now we can 'kind of' eat dinner as a family, all "sitting" around the table. He has also discovered in a serious manner....his feet. Yes, this is him every second of every day if I let him. Plus he sucks on his toes, which I know is TOTALLY normal for babies, but still makes me laugh.
Fun tummy time slobber...he has always been a slobberer, but he is giving slobber a whole new meaning now. I keep thinking he is teething, but alas, no teeth yet.

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jeffandbrianne said...

Don't we all suck on our feet.