Collin's 5 months

Collin got his first vaccine on his 5 month birthday---how mean am I? He did great... it was his first shot ever, so because of my personal feelings and research, he is not getting all the vaccines in the time frame that most babies do. Ryan actually took him and said he did great. This outfit he came to visit me at work before the shot and though he was so smiley, of course, the picture, the stare down, not smile. I just weighed Collin on our technical weight machine again (me weighing myself, and then holding Collin) and he weighed 14.2 pounds, which means he is in the 5-10th percentile still...and once again I tried to upload an ADORABLE video of him laughing, but alas, still doesn't accept our camera video. But now he loves to play with his lips (I know, hard to explain, but it's like he is trying to suck his lips in), loves to slobber, and loves to hear EEEEE squealed by his daddy.


A Frugal Friend said...

Thanks for listing me as a "Frugal Freak" - I take that as a compliment. HeeHee Really, I appreciate being added. Thanks.

Collin is just soooo adorable!

kari said...

5 mns. That first year sure goes fast. Just think, this summer he might be walking. Wow.

Excited to get his new picture. Dave got up today to start our workouts. He was grumpy and tired but willing. I guess that is a start right? Would Ryan ever want to do something like that?