Random thoughts and resolutions

Okay, I am behind on blog posting.... I have found that once again, like I realize quite often in my life, I have problems in priorities. Every time New Years rolls around, I find myself pondering that I don't really set "New Years resolutions" per say, but seem to find myself once again getting mixed up in priorities. Sound familiar?

I am not sure how I do this, because I really do understand what is most important in life, but sometimes I find myself getting caught up in what is not....like having a clean house, a super nice dinner (instead of random clean out the fridge), or even other even less important things.... since my current state of life requires me to be working (no job yet for Ryan, but we keep hoping and praying something soon comes!), I have found this to be even more the case in my life. I come home from work, and see cute little Collin (which is TOTALLY a priority in life), but then tend to get bogged down in the other things that aren't important. Now, I know when I was pregnant, and even still, (and I understand this, I really do) people tell me that it's okay not to do everything, nor can you do everything, the most important thing is to play with and take care of that baby.... but somehow, it's hard for me to find balance. HELP!
In other fun Collin news, we are trying to help him learn how to sit better. It's so funny, he will sit for awhile, then he just face plants forward. Too funny.
Here is a rattle Santa got Collin for Christmas. He puts everything in his mouth these days, and recently discovered his feet and toes.
The last couple of weeks, we have graduated Collin to the infant tub (versus the baby sponge thing-a-ma-jigger we were using...at first he was like "Whoa---what is this?" but now, he thinks he's all that because he can push up on the little bottom part and move. And what's even better to mommy, is that when he pees while taking a bath, it has always managed to go outside the infant tub, and saved us from having to get all new water and everything. YEAH!
We are getting a little better at capturing Collin's smile on camera, and just wait until you see his 5 month old picture we got taken at JCPenney....when I pick them up and scan them in, you can hear the story behind that outfit :)


Lindsey said...

He is so cute- I've seen a few smiles. By the way, I know it sounds gross, but since pee is sterile, it's not really a huge deal if he pees in the tub- something I used to worry about a lot!

kari said...

I smile so big when you post new pictures of this kid! He is so stinkin' cute! I LOVE that last picture of him smirking in the tub. That is so cute.

Steph said...

What a cutie! Love his little smile. Prioritizing is hard, I've been doing the working outside the home mom thing for well over 4 years and I still struggle with it on a weekly basis. So I don't have any super advice, just wanted to make sure you know you are not the only one who struggles with it. Hugs!