Fun times with Collin

Happy New Year! Here is Collin with his Auntie Shanna. We partied at their house until 1210am... even though I slept through some of the partying, and so did Collin :)
Here is where I sing silly songs to Collin in his room. I have decided I could go on Broadway with all the silly songs I sing...including the most recent, "I like it hot....H...O...T... I like it hot" (sang to while heating up blueberry pie)
I am Superman! Collin sometimes likes to be superman with his daddy.
We got Collin an exersaucer for Christmas (given to us from his auntie Shanna) and this week he is REALLY discovering things on it. Just today he discovered the mirror.... TOO hilarious to watch him laugh and smile at himself in the mirror, but then scare himself sometimes with his faces. Only bad thing... he can have "explosions" in said Exersaucer and be SO happy that his mommy and daddy don't notice, until yes, too late. He had one of those today that required a serious bath.... and a ruined oneise :( but Collin was smiling and happy the whole time, you would have never known it. The funny thing is when I was changing his diaper, at first, I just saw a little bit of yellow and thought, we can save the Onesie, then when things got closer, uhh...no.

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jeffandbrianne said...

You should seriously keep a journal of the songs you sing to that kid. Write the lyrics down and a record a CD.