New schedule for fall

 This was Liam's first day of preschool.He came home so excited to show and tell me all he learned about fishes. And the fishing pole he made. It brings back so many memories of when Collin went to Miss Karen's so I am so happy Liam gets to go there too.

 Liam was also telling Evelyn about school so "she would know when she grows up mom".

 And we have lots of pets recently. Here is pet iguana that has made a resurgence. I think it's funny when old things have a new "resurgence" in play. We have also played TONS in the sand box lately.

 In front of the door of preschool.
 My yummy Brigham City peaches. Serious canning going on the past month. In a couple weeks more serious canning from the apple tree.

 Evelyn loves the library. She loves to pull out books. I can't WAIT to start taking her to storytime. She I think will love it even more then the boys did.
Evelyn wants to ALWAYS have her own book of mormon for family scripture study. It's cute.

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