Collin's 7th birthday

 Collin has been looking forward to his birthday for months now! This washer picture was just a funny reminder to me of what it looks like when a face wash spills on your niece's clothes and you try and wash it out. It has recovered.
 First thing in the am he wanted to open some presents. Grandma and Grandpa and Sadee and Ava came down.
 He requested a Santa pancake.
 went to the museum of Natural Curiosity.

 Also went swimming at the Lehi Rec Center which was a blast, but no pictures. Collin designed numerous cakes in his mind this year, but some were not really available (wedding cake anyone?) so this was a compromise from all accounts. blue frosting, chocolate cake, two layers, with gum drops and licorice and the number seven on top. birthday bash ice cream.

 Requested dinner was hamburgers and hot dogs on the barbeque.

 Collin wanted a picture of each present opening. So there he is. Lots of times.

Happy birthday Collin!

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