Highlights post of Sept #1

 Evelyn finally decides she may like "real" food....
 Started picking the fall crop of raspberries from our raspberry patch. Evelyn can pound these.
 Got all Cougared up sometimes.

 Evelyn decides she is tired of photo shoots.
 We had pet grasshoppers several times in September. Gross if you ask me, but the boys LOVED it.
 Played lots of Legos.
 Liam (and Collin too) decide climbing door frames is cool.
 Picture is to the side, but Evelyn hauls her baby jars all out.

 The most exciting moment of September is that Evelyn learned to crawl! This was very, very exciting, especially because with her therapies we had been working on it FOREVER.
 Homework with R2D2.

 Playing at library this is what Evelyn does.
 Magic Treehouse book club.
Liam got a prize for being a good sibling :) at the treehouse book club.

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