Evelyn turns one

 Evelyn's birthday was kept low key and simple. Kind of like her, for the most part :) Since both boys had school, we didn't do much during the day, but she did get some fun food (for her veggies and fruits are her favorite, like blackberries, zucchini, eggplant, and peaches) for breakfast and lunch.

 I made her a zucchini banana cake since she loves both of those foods.

 She ADORED the pink sparkly wrapping paper Liam picked out for her. She got SO excited every time a present came down. Her brothers helped her open them. Her gifts were simple and designed to help her with her therapy exercises.

 She especially loves this push giraffe that spins balls around.

 She was a dainty cake eater, mostly a few bites of frosting. She's not a huge sugar girl, but she LOVES ice cream and pumpkin pie (which we had for Ryan's birthday the day after her birthday) so maybe next time we will just have ice cream for her birthday :)
 We love you Evelyn!

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