Valentines Day 2015

 We had some squishy morning snuggles. I love this pic because it's almost like her hand is trying to give me a hug.
 Valentines Day photo shoot.

 Collin wanted in on the photo shoot. Ryan had to work the Saturday of Valentines Day so I took all the kiddos to the man store and to look at the fountains.
 Ryan surprised me with a delivery box when we got home. I opened it and it was the most delicious exotic chocolate covered strawberries online. You can bet I didn't share any.

 Plus look how huge! Since we had been celebrating all week and Ryan working, the day was low key. We went on a walk when he got home to go see the horses.

 Evelyn had a blowout out of her cute V-day onesie, keeping with tradition in holiday onesie blowouts.

 And for the first time ever, we made a special Valentine cake. We grilled hamburgers and Collin ate TWO! The cake was a big hit so that may become a simple tradition.

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