Cake and presents

 Usually the only "big" thing we have done for birthdays is the birthday person gets to choose their cake and I make it. Liam was kind this year and just wanted a circle cake with candies and m&ms on it. Even though his birthday wasn't until Monday, we decided to open the grandparents and cousins gift and have the cake on Sunday since they were here.
 Sometimes because I really allow a lot of freedom in dressing, it's amazing to see my boys looking so sharp. Makes me a proud momma. It doesn't happen often, but wow, when it does. My heart goes pitter patter.
 We got out the jumpy jump for Evelyn. Not sure she is totally into it yet.... but she hung out there during the Sunday celebrations.

 Opening presents! Some of these are from the actual night of his birthday.

This is the first year most of the cake got eaten! It was fun to have people over to celebrate! Happy birthday Liam! I love you four-year-old!

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