Boys go ice skating for the first time

 One of our ward members is an ice skating teacher and told me about a free learn to skate lesson in January. It was on a Saturday that Ryan worked, so I braved taking Evelyn and the boys. Evelyn and I just watched, but I think the boys had fun.
 Here was practicing how to stand up not on the ice.

 Collin managed to stake back and forth across the rink two different times. He did really good for never having done it before. If he fell, he just popped right back up again.

 Liam's class was fun to watch. I wish I could post the videos. The boys love watching themselves skate.

 Even though this picture doesn't show it, (evelyn gives stare downs in selfies) she LOVED watching the skaters.
 You can see Liam way over there. He was pushing and skating with all his might on his little walker. It was hilarious.

 We will have to go again soon!

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