Thomas Nelson/Booksneeze review Forever Mom

Overall, I didn’t seem to realize in requesting this book it was designated for “adoptive” moms and parents. Yet, I still found it to be very encouraging for moms of all kinds in the challenges and issues you face. I especially liked how the author addressed the challenges of after you bring your children home. I found many of the challenges, though I have not adopted any children, still applicable to bonding and communicating with any child, even if you aren’t the mother.
The author also has a chapter on Beginning Again and how so often our children will mirror the reactions and communications we give them. I especially enjoyed the specific ideas on what other adoptee mothers have given in how to connect to your child. Children are learning so many things and it is so important to be patient with so many things that they do. I haven’t read anything else by this mom.

I most appreciated and identified with the author when she admitted her faults and her “keep trying” attitude as a mother of all ages. All children need patience and love, no matter what. That feeling really comes out in the book, even if you don’t have adopted children.

Overall, enjoyable read, and though some didn’t apply to me, the ideas were good for all mothers. 

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