Ogden Dinosaur Museum

 Recently, we went with some friends for a day up at the Dinosaur Museum in Ogden. The boys were so excited, because even though we have seen "fossil" museums, we have NOT seen dinosaurs "with the skin on them". It was really, really cool.
 They gave you these little books that you could pretend to be paleontologists as you walked around to find all the different dinosaurs.
 This one had dinosaur eggs by it. Liam did not like his picture taken apparently.
 It was a cooler day, so the weather was perfect, and you could eat food walking around....SCORE for us!
 They also had a huge dinosaur playground that you could play on dinosaurs. We discovered this near the end of the outdoor walk. The boys loved it.

 Sliding down a dinosaur is pretty cool.

 It was a really fun day. You could also dig for fossils, and they had a whole section inside with more dinosaurs, and a REAL t-rex that moved. We didn't find that out until right before we were leaving and it was Collin's favorite part. It was a robotic t-rex.
 For little boys that love dinosaurs, this was really a cool place. And NO one was hardly there when we went. I LOVE going to stuff in the off season.

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