Bear World May 2014

 About 20 minutes from my parents' house in Idaho Falls is Bear World. The last few years we have gone when they have the baby bears out and so we can ride the rides. The boys, and my nieces, LOVE it.
 You could touch the Bear skin.
 There is hardly (at least in the times we have gone) tons of people there, so the rides, it's like you can ride on 50 rides in a couple hours. It's a HUGE hit. Nobody ever wants to leave.

 Liam has no fear of any ride. It took Collin almost the whole morning to get up the bravery to ride this ride above that just went down. Once he did, he was so proud of himself!
 These are just cute pictures of Liam :) riding the train.

 The baby bears are really cute. And playful. Two of them were totally wrestling. Reminded me of the boys. A lot.

 Here is Collin once he got brave enough. Then he had to ride the ride about 10 times in a row.
Liam got to chug the bell! Yeah! And he loved that Daddy rode in the car with him.

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