New van, ninja clothes, and Easter 2014

 Mid-April we finally buckled down and got a second car. We have gone basically 4 years with one car, but with baby #3 coming early September, it was just a matter of time.
 We found a great deal at a place in Clearfield, so drove up and got it and came home. The boys LOVE it.
 Another thing the boys love, footie pajamas, even when it's warm outside. They are ninjas or powerangers in these clothes....ALL THE TIME.
 We do Easter celebrations low key at our house, but the Easter bunny brought some fun small things in baskets....
 And he did hide eggs with candy.

 The candy was eaten within an hour, I'm pretty sure. The boys love that they just randomly got candy.

 Don't you love Collin's attire for church? He got that blue tie from the Easter bunny, and even though it didn't match really, it looked too "Collin'esque" to change.
Collin had about 10 of these pictures after. Hope everyone had a fun Easter!

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