Playing outside in May

 Since Collin is done with preschool, I'm attempting to have a couple of fun "interesting" (I call them projects) ideas to do each day. Some are outside.
 The first one recently was playing and painting outside with water. Liam mostly liked to dump water out.
 It only lasted about 10 minutes then they moved onto something else. I'm thinking I will need many more projects per day :)

 We also blew bubbles. Collin was pretty good.
 Liam just loved going up and down the driveway.
 Basketball was a big hit. Liam laughed every time Collin made a basket.

 I also got to pick the first batch of my spinach. WAHOO!
 And you remember the lawnmower? Yes, still a HUGE hit.
 So big of a hit that we had to get a second lawnmower for Liam. Liam was not into sharing. He's one of course..... so now they each mow the lawn a zillion times a day.
 Collin is a very serious lawnmower.

 Liam half the time mows backwards.

 I also try and do art projects. This was painting rocks. Who knew rocks would be so fun to paint?

 Collin loved painting rocks. We may have to repeat that....
This was just a funny picture while Collin was sick recently with hand, foot, and mouth disease. Hero cape and mask on, sucking his thumb. Yes, we are still working on the thumb, we regressed a bit while being sick.

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