More time in Idaho

 Liam loved playing on the motorcycle that doesn't work so well.
 Ava loved pushing him.
 Ava being such a helper when we walked the Green belt.
 Feeding the ducks/geese was quite the experience. Everyone freaked out at the beginning, minus Ava. Ava was right in the middle of the geese.
 I was back with the scaredy cats who eventually got over being scared of the geese.

 I'm finally in a picture! Me and the boys in front of the waterfall.
 Fun cousins!
An even bigger shopping cart!

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Krista said...

Good times in Idaho. :) I also am not a fan of the geese at the greenbelt. They swarm you! I took my girls to feed the geese/ducks yesterday at Daybreak lake and they all stayed in the water. It was a less stressful experience. haha.