Liam's first BYU football game, with Collin :)

The first weekend in October, my dad randomly called to say they had 2 extra tickets and would any of our family like to go to the BYU game. I debated and debated, but finally decided I would be brave and take both Collin and Liam. It was a Friday night game.... so off we went after dressing the part.
I knew Collin would love all the tailgating festivities. To be truthful, he enjoyed that stuff more than the game. I love this pic of Grandma and him walking over.
He got to throw a football for a mini football. "That's my favorite!"
A future quarterback?
We spun the wheel and got a reusable bag.

Liam loved listening to the dance band the most. He was SO intensely focused on that. Collin attempted to throw a basketball.
Collin, I can't believe, sat still long enough to get a Y painted on his face.
Liam giving the staredown.
Collin's face painted.
In the game, let's just say, between nursing Liam, Liam having a canption (yes even in a loud football game) and screaming if anyone else held him for a second besides me, and taking Collin in and out, we had to leave early.
The good news is stopping to nurse Liam on the way home, my dad and I turned on the game, and of what was a pretty sad game while we were there, ended up with the Cougars winning!. GO COUGARS!

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