A month of firsts

We have a few firsts in September. Liam learned how to crawl forward at the beginning of the month, about 7.5 months. I swear the next DAY he learned how to stand up and hang onto things. He has NO fear, probably due to the helmet :)
Also, put Liam in the bath with Collin for the first time. It makes the bath time SLIGHTLY chaotic, but a little faster.
Liam fell asleep in his high chair.... and I made my own baby food. Pears is what he likes the most of what I have made.


Krista said...

He is getting so big! Love the sleeping high chair pic. There is always one. haha. I give my girls baths together. SO much faster.
We need to get together!

Linsi said...

It was fun catching up on your blog. Your boys are so beautiful! I can't believe Collin is ready for preschool. And the BYU shirt is so cute, who wouldn't want lots of pictures with it?