Canning projects

We have made quite a bit of canning this year. I think it has been our biggest year yet. The above is homemade concord grape juice, 100 percent juice. Our dear neighbor told us about a church farm that lets you come and pick grapes for free, so we went and picked our 4 buckets, and came home and made 23 quarts. It tastes YUMMY!
This is also another year of MASSIVE apple production on both our apple trees. I made more than I can post, but we did red apple pie filling, dried apples, diced apples in the freezer....
both smooth and chunky red applesauce...
Our raspberries did AWESOME this year! I have tons in the freezer, and I finally had enough to make my own raspberry jam. YEAH!
This has nothing to do with canning, but conference weekend I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls with maple frosting. YUM!
Our neighbor let us take a cooler of peaches from his peach tree, so I did a batch of fresh peaches.
And thanks to a friend at the gym, I finally got enough tomatoes to do one batch of salsa. Granted, I also made my sister's HEAVENLY fresh salsa recipe.
I truly felt like a pioneer and thanks to Ryan for helping me out so much with it. It's definitely a challenge canning with two little kiddos in tow :)

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Krista said...

Yum! Someday when I have a big yard, I am going to plant a garden. My girls picked some raspberries from their grandma's neighbor's yard. They loved it!