Love You More Thomas Nelson review

I thoroughly enjoyed the book Love You More by Jennifer Grant. I have often wondered about families with adopted children in them. The first third of the book I enjoyed the most, especially when Grant shares her spiritual feelings and experiences about having children. I also especially
appreciated that she “knew” there was another daughter out there in the world, but that it would be from somewhere else in the world, not the United States.
Though this book is a true story, it reads like a novel in many ways. I especially enjoyed Grant’s writing about the challenges in facing adoption, and dealing with people’s questions when her daughter Mia joins their family. One of my favorite lines is when someone asks if Mia is her daughter and Mia says she calls her mom because she’s her mom. It’s interested to read
about the perception of adoption and how the world treats adoptions, especially
international adoption.
Mostly, I appreciated a family’s view of adoption in that they felt inspired to adopt even though they already had had natural-born children. I appreciated Grant’s experiences of traveling to Guatemala and the love she and her husband had for her daughter before she even came home.
Overall, this was a tender story of one family’s experience in the many emotions of adoption.

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