Time in Idaho

A couple of weeks ago, Collin and I spent a week in Idaho. The weather was yucky most of the time, but we got to go see swimming lessongs. My, how memories return. I learned all about ham sandwich, soldier, fishie, fishie, etc.
Sadee also (afterwards one day I stayed and got in the pool with them) taught me all she knows about swimming, which apparently is now everything.
She tried to show me how to backfloat...it was too funny.
Considering at one time, these girls were so scared to get in the water, they have come a long way.
We also went to a couple of Sadee's t-ball games.
Ava and I hanging out on the stairs before a game.
Being silly with sunglasses.
Love that Sadee lost another tooth while I was there. This picture it's like THERE IS THE HOLE!
Watching t=ball is so funny. Half the time no one knows what they are doing, but then once in awhile, a great move happens. Sadee running for home.
Batting, but not watching the ball :) gotta love those. It was great fun!

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