Collin's first trip to the zoo

The one nice day we were in Idaho, we went to the Idaho Falls Zoo...right during Collin's nap time, but he LOVED it. Once he got out of the stroller though, not so much success in getting him back in...He loved the petting zoo. No fear of the goats, like any animal. Just walked up and said "hi".
Sadee tried to be as brave as him, but not quite. She did get quite scared when Collin "ate" a piece of the goat food....but we got it out okay. PHEW!
They had a little play area, we took pictures.

Ava loved this little egg.
Collin was tired of pictures by this time. HIs favorite animal? The flamingos...probably because they were SO loud :)
But, we did have so much fun at the zoo.
I thought the tigers were the coolest.
Thanks for letting us come to the zoo!

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Jenny said...

I haven't been to that zoo in a long time!!! Obviously, it looks like a new place! How fun.