The last few weeks

Yes, I have slacked as a blogger...so this post is kind of my overall entry for the last few weeks Nothing new here, Collin LOVES hanging out in the recycle box. He can now get in (and sometimes out if he puts his mind to it) regularly.
Recently before church.
Collin got some cool lego blocks for Christmas from his cousins Declan and Corin. He is a HUGE fan. This was a big block his daddy made, and as you can see Collin was very excited. Then he destroyed it.
I just thought this picture was so funny, Collin stared at the big TV ads recently....
Yes, more pictures of the box.
He also loves to "hammer" the side of the box. He goes and gets his hammer and starts hammering away.
Recently, Collin got to have a balloon... I hate balloons, but I must not have passed this along to Collin.
Recently, I also did a co-op thing, so I wanted to take a picture, since this blog has kind of become a journal for me. I got all of this for 15.00! WAHOO!
This is a better picture of the huge goosegg from awhile ago.
As you can see, we do the same old things, so what's a few weeks without posting? HA HA


Jenny said...

Little boys in boxes make me smile.:)

Jeffrey said...

Gotta love the boxes. What isn't there to do in a box. I love the pics of him. I do look forward to many more posts now that you really have nothing to do. HAHAHA