18 months and family pictures

So, I haven't been to take Collin's 18 month old pictures yet, so I took a couple this past weekend, a little past 18 months old. I got him wearing his "dapper" new church shoes, with a slick bottom, which posed some problems on the tile and hardwood floors in our house. Collin and Mommy....not to self, this is the dress I haven't been able to wear since before being pregnant with Collin due to needing a new zipper. Thanks to my wonderful neighbor, now I can!
My two handsome boys.


O'Berrys said...

SUPER CUTE!! So, he's in nursery now! How is he liking it?

jeffandbrianne said...

I love the pics. I can see he is taking after his uncle with the spiked hair. Be careful it does attract the ladies.

Brianne said...

Alisa, that picture of you holding Collin is GORGEOUS! All the other pics are pretty cute too.