Grandpa Collin and bigger carseats

So, Collin has needed a new car seat for quite awhile now. Yes, he barely hits the 20 pounds sometimes, but he has DEFINITELY outgrown his baby one. Finally last week I braved chasing Collin around Target and got it. YEAH!
Ryan installed it and we went for a drive just to test it out.
For the most part he loves it. Now when I say we are going out to see doggies and cars, he CAN see them :)
He likes looking out the window. Below are pictures of Grandpa Collin, lovingly we call him that when his pants keep falling down so we have to resort to drastic measures to keep them up.
Love you Colli


Lindsey said...

I love his little hood! He's such a doll, Alisa!

Jenny said...

Good job on the carseat! And we are familiar with the grandpa trick. Some babies are just skinny!